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Enjoy Complete Piece Of Mind With Good Shepherd Sleep Center

Our staff has developed the following guidelines to help ensure that you receive the most comfortable and accurate sleep study possible:

If you cannot make your appointment, please call us at (727) 807-6969. Please allow for a 24-hour advance notice for cancellations. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your appointment. The technician will wake you up around 6:00am the next morning, unless other arrangements have been made.

Payment is payable by cash, check, or credit/debit card.

Each bedroom suite has a queen sized bed and is equipped with cable on a 42” TV. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available.


If you have special needs (i.e., handicapped, prosthetics, language barrier etc.) Please make sure that our office is aware of your needs upon scheduling so that we are prepared to assist in meeting your needs.

Please do not bring anyone to your sleep study unless approved by our staff during scheduling. Should you need a caregiver to stay with you, our office MUST be made aware of this prior to your study or we may not be able to accommodate them.

KEEP TAKING ALL MEDICATIONS unless specifically ordered by your physician. Any medication that you need to take while you are at your study MUST be brought in their original container. We are NOT permitted to store medications in a refrigerator (i.e. insulin). Please bring something to keep your medications cool. If you are diabetic and normally snack during the night you are welcome to bring your own snacks; however, we do have snacks and juice available.

Avoid taking excessive naps to ensure you are able to sleep for your appointment. Please have clean, dry hair with an accessible scalp (example: no glued on wigs or bonded weaves). Do not apply hairspray, gel, talcum powder or lotion. For males, if you are usually clean shaven, please shave before your study.

Bring your insurance cards and driver’s license—we will need to make a copy for our files. Bring comfortable pajamas to sleep in. Two-piece pajamas are the optimal sleepwear to enable the technician to easily apply electrodes. If you don’t own two-piece pajamas, just bring a loose fitted tee shirt and comfortable shorts or lounge pants. Please do not bring silk nightwear as the static electricity can build up in this type of material. Bring sandals or slippers to walk around in the lab. Please feel free to bring any sleeping aids with you (i.e., extra pillows, book, sound machine.) There are no shower facilities.

Bring any medical equipment you may use other than oxygen. For example, if you use a nebulizer, please bring all equipment/medication used with it. We have oxygen if required. If you are coming for a re-titration, please bring your CPAP machine and current mask. We are able to test the machine for accurate pressure flow and evaluate your current mask fitting.

You may receive a bill from the physician reading/interpreting your sleep study. This is a separate bill and NOT related to us. Your responsibility to us will be discussed with you during scheduling.

*** Please note that there is a $75 cancellation fee if you do not call to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.***

Thank you for choosing Good Shepherd Sleep Center.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (727) 807-6969.

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